Remainding you of our experience in this field dating back to 2008 we offer national and international transport of letters, packages and pallets. With a wide range of our Partners we deliver packages in Europe, Asia, United States, Canada, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We can also provide you with the import service – by using it we will deliver a package to you from any place on earth.
The offer has been checked and eliminated the risk to a minimum, because for almost 10 years we are using proven and reliable partners. . We provide special services like: cash on delivery, insurance, deliveries on Saturdays or on scheduled time.


LTL parcel service


We can also provide you with transportation of single to many pallets by using our trusted and reliable partners who specialize in domestic and international transportation of groupage. This service applies if you want to import or export goods up to 12 pallets weighing up to 6 tons. If you need to order this service, please contact us by e-mail, phone, or fill out the form on our website AIN Kurier.


If you want to see the offer, calculate the cost of shipping or arrange for packages or pallets – welcome –